Event Description

Mexican Feminism in Protest: The Photography of Ana Victoria Jiménez

Thu 28 Feb 2019 - Thu 28 Mar 2019, Antechapel, Wadham College

New exhibition opening in Wadham College: Mexican Feminism in Protest: The Photography of Ana Victoria Jiménez.

Ana Victoria Jiménez was born in Mexico City in 1941. After joining the Communist Youth League of Mexico City, she became one of the founding members of the National Union of Mexican Women (Unión Nacional de Mujeres Mexicanas) in 1964. Emerging during a period of complex political instability, the Union followed Communist ideologies, arguing that feminism should be a class war rather than a gender war. 

Jiménez would go on to participate in many of the most important feminist movements, collectives, and protests in Mexico City between 1964-90. Her photographic archive is one of the largest feminist archives in the world. It illuminates and complicates histories of the Mexican Feminist movement, and this exhibition is the first time that they are being shown to the public.