Diversity Facilitator Training

Thu 03 October 2019 13:00-15:00, St John's College Auditorium

This training covers harassment and discrimination which is specific to certain groups - we look at race, disability, gender, class and LGBTQ+ identities, issues and forms of discrimination. We also explore intersecting issues. This is not a catch-all training and does not claim to speak for any identity - it aims to explore diversity and how we can be accommodating in college and university spaces!


The main entrance to St John’s College is located on St Giles and access is via the Porters’ Lodge.  As the entrance is not currently suitable for wheelchair users, a bell push is available to summon assistance from the Lodge.

Lift access is available on the main College site in the Auditorium, the Bursary Building, Kendrew Quad, the Middle Common Room, the Rural Economy Building and the Senior Common Room.

More information can be found here: sjc.ox.ac.uk/discover/visit-us/accessibility-st-johns-college/

Event organiser email: vpwomen@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk