Event Description

Black Mental Health at Uni

Thu 22 October 2020 17:00-18:00, Online

Larissa Kennedy, President of NUS (National Union of Students) will be speaking alongside Rianna Walcott (co-editor of 'The Colour of Madness and PhD candidate at Kings College London) to discuss how mental health issues disproportionately affect Black students and students of colour at University. They will be joined by student panellists, to dissect what decolonisation means for HE, the whiteness of the academy, and how we can improve mental health services on campus for students of colour.


Thursday 22nd October 5pm

Info and joining link: https://www.facebook.com/events/799323853943585/ 


ID: on the right: 'Black mental health at uni' in white, '#BlackHistoryMonth' below in orange, below that are photos of Rianna and Larissa with text: Rianna Walcott Writer, activist and PhD candidate KCL, and Larissa Kennedy NUS President 20-21. The Oxford SU and Brookes Union logo are in white in the bottom left corner with the left of the image a orange outline of a raised fist, all on an orange background.