FAIR 2021

An aerial photograph of University Parks

This Fair will be different!

2021 will be Oxford SU's biggest ever Fresher's Fair. To make it happen we're moving the Fair to... University Parks!

On top of that we're creating a whole new virtual fair which will last all year.


It's going to be big

We're building a massive complex of marquees in the park with food trucks, local and national deals, and loads of freebies to stash in your Fresher's tote bag!

It's all happening 6th - 7th October!

Example of a Marquee
Stalls from a previous fresher's fair

Students stalls at the centre

We're increasing the number of student stalls from 120 to 360 to make sure every student group can get a place.

You'll get a 0.76m x 0.76m table with free Wifi access and optionally a 1m x 2m backboard to help you catch student's eyes.

Stall: £48 (incl VAT)
Backboard: £20.40 (incl VAT)



Safety is always Oxford SU's first priority and we've been working hard to make sure the Fresher's Fair will be the safest event it can possibly be. Working with University Parks, the Safety Office, and our Events Partner we're putting in measures to ensure COVID rules are followed and the Fair is adaptable to changes in those rules.

A smart phone with the Oxford SU logo in the middle of a single app icon

Virtual Fair online and in-app

This year's fair is not only in University Parks, it's going to be online through our website and available as an app for iPhone and Android!

All student stall holders will have the option to appear in the virtual fair for FREE!

You'll be able to chat directly with students, accept sign ups, advertise your activites, upload videos, photos, term cards, digital flyers, documents... whatever you want!


Mon 23rd AUG

Stall Registration Open

Mon 6th SEP

Stall Registration Closed

Mon 13th SEP

Student Stalls Allocated

Wed 15th SEP

Payment Open

Wed 22nd SEP

Payment Deadline

Tue 5th OCT

Stall set up

Wed 6th & Thu 7th OCT

Fresher's Fair


What is considered a Student Club/Society/Publication?

Oxford SU has the following criteria your group must meet in order to be considered for a Student Stall.

  1. must exist for the purpose of benefiting or enhancing the experience of its student members,
  2. must have a committee, on which at least half of the positions are held by current University of Oxford students,
  3. must have a President and Treasurer, or equivalent, on the committee,
  4. must have a constitution,
  5. must have members;
    1. at least half of which are current University of Oxford students,
    2. of which there are at least five,
  6. must not be specifically aimed at students from one particular college or colleges,
  7. must not be for-profit; that is,
    1. the primary purpose, as defined in the constitution of the club, publication or society cannot be to generate private income, and
    2. any surplus income generated must be employed in service of the club, publication or society’s primary purpose.
  8. must not be a registered charity.

When can I set up my stall?

Set up day will be on Tuesday 5th October. You will receive your set-up time via email.

What should we do if we don't have people available to run our stall for the whole of the Fair?

It's best for your stall to be open throughout the two days of the Fair to maximise your impact. If you must temporarily leave your stall please do not leave and sensitive information, including sign up sheets with email addresses on!

Can I decorate my stall?

Yes! You can hang banners from the front of your stall, or across the top using canes for support, but you won't be able to attach anything to the walls. Any backboards, flags or banners should be no higher than 2 metres.

Can I bring my laptop for people to sign up/to show a promotional film?

Yes, but there is no electrical supply to the fair so it must only be powered by your battery.

Can I display anything I want on my stall?

In almost all cases yes, but of course there are exceptions. Stalls will be randomly checked throughout the Fair and inappropriate items will be removed.

Can I amend my booking?

Yes, please email to amend your booking.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, cancellations must be received before 15th September. Cancellations received after this date will not receive a refund.

How does set up and clearing away stalls work?

It is imperative that somebody from your Club/Society is there to take charge of your stall during set-up on Tuesday 5th October and again on Thursday 7th October to clear away your stall.

The Fair will be cleared of all belongings on the Thursday so it's your responsibility to ensure that your property is collected before then. Stalls which are not cleared will probably not be invited back to the fair next year.