Started in 2020, OxBuddy is a free online messaging service which matches Sixth Formers with an Oxford Student so they can find out more about what life at Oxford is like.

All messages sent through the system are moderated by our team of volunteers to ensure everyone's safety.

Oxford Students

If you are a current Oxford Undergraduate and would like to be an OxBuddy volunteer its really easy to sign up.

Firstly you need to complete our online OxBuddy training. This will explain how the system operates and will equip you with all the safeguarding information you will need. Once you have been trained we will automatically add you to the volunteers list to be matched up with a Sixth Former.

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Sixth Formers

If you are considering applying for Oxbridge but maybe no one you know has gone there before, or you'd be one of the first from your school to go, or you feel you aren't the 'type of person' who would go to Oxbridge then let's talk.

Target Schools activities are aimed at sixth form students with an interest in studying at Oxbridge and finding out more about it. We prioritise students from schools with little or no history of sending successful applicants to Oxbridge, and those who come from backgrounds with limited progression to higher education. We hope to provide information about Oxford University and the application process, and ensure that anyone feels able to apply regardless of school or family background.

We will match you up with a current Oxford Student doing the the course you are interested in. Using our messaging system you'll be able to speak online with your OxBuddy about life at Oxford. Want to know how much work they have, how they manage their time, why they chose to come to Oxford, what's the hardest part of being a Student, where are the best cafes and clubs? Just ask!

All messages are moderated and the system anonymises both you and your OxBuddy to keep everyone safe. Getting an OxBuddy is completely free and you can opt out at any time.

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