RAG Charity Ballot

Each year, RAG fundraises for four charities that are selected by the student body in the annual charity ballot – 2 local charities and 2 national/international charities.

Each year we donate up to £10,000 to each of the 4 charities. Imagine how much of an impact this could have on a cause you care about!

Any student can nominate and vote for a charity.

The nominations received are shortlisted by the RAG committee. The student body votes on a shortlist of 12 charities (6 in each category).

Once we’ve selected our final four, we’d love for you to join the RAG team to help us raise as much money for their causes as possible.



Nominations Open

Mon 18th JAN | 00:00


Nominations Close

Mon 1st FEB | 00:00


Shortlist Announcement

Fri 5th FEB | 17:00


Voting Opens

Tue 9th FEB | 08:00


Voting Closes

Thur 11th FEB | 18:00


Results Announcement

Thur 11th FEB | 21:00





  1. There are no explicit spending limits for the period of the election. However, in consideration of the fact that it is an election for charities, it is not considered appropriate that large amounts of money are spent on an election campaign that could be donated to charity.
  2. Printed material such as posters can be made and put up where allowed.
  3. Online campaigning, such as through Facebook and Twitter, is encouraged. This includes making groups, status updates and using chat on Facebook, and tweeting and creating a hashtag on Twitter. However, it is not recommended nor deemed appropriate to use these media for spamming.
  4. Verbal campaigning is allowed, although door knocking is discouraged.
  5. Where relevant, all campaign materials should direct people to the webpage www.oxfordsu.org/leadershipelection.
  6. Negative campaigning is strongly discouraged. It is recommended that campaigners focus on the positives of the charity for which they are campaigning, rather than the negatives of other charities.
  7. You are allowed to campaign for more than one charity, both between different types of charities (local or national/international) charities within the same contest.
  8. Use of mailing lists such as JCR or Society lists is allowed, with the approval of whoever is in charge of the list.
  9. Any member of Oxford SU is permitted to formally campaign on behalf of the shortlisted charities, with the exception of any member of the RAG Executive Committee, the Shortlisting Panel, the sabbatical trustees, the Oxford SU Returning Officer or any other party that is part of the nominations, shortlisting or ballot process.
  10. Members of Oxford SU are free to express their opinion as to preferred charities, except for those named in 9.
  11. Violation of these regulations may result in a nominated charity being removed from the ballot at the discretion of the Returning Officer.


Who can nominate a charity for the RAG ballot?

Any current student, except any member of the shortlisting panel or the returning officer for the election, can nominate a charity.

What kind of charities can be nominated for the RAG ballot?

RAG can accept nominations for any charity that is registered in England and Wales and has its own registered charity number. RAG does not accept nominations for charities that are overtly religious or party political in their aims and practice.

How do I nominate a charity for the RAG ballot?

Login to the Oxford SU website and go to www.oxfordsu.org/leadershipelection to fill out the nominations form. You must be a current student member of Oxford University, and you should contact the charity you wish to nominate in advance. You can nominate one charity in each category; any further nominations made by a single individual will be disregarded.

What happens after I nominate a charity?

The form is sent to the shortlisting committee. After nominations are closed, the committee delist any unsuitable charities and draw up a shortlist of 12 charities; 6 in each category. If the charity that you nominated is shortlisted, RAG will email you to let you know.

What shortlisting criteria does the RAG ballot use?

The criteria used by RAG is decided in advance by Oxford SU Student Council. This year, charities will recieve points based on the number of times they are nominated, their cost-effectiveness and their level of student involvement. Charities that have successfully won the ballot in previous years receive a points deduction.

Where can I access the shortlist of charities?

The shortlist will be published on Friday 3rd week (5th February) at 17:00. To view the shortlist, go to www.oxfordsu.org/leadershipelection.

How do I campaign for a charity in the RAG ballot?

To view the guidelines for campaigning for a charity in the ballot, go to www.oxfordsu.org/leadershipelection and select “rules”. Please note that negative campaigning (campaigning against a particular charity or charities) is explicitly discouraged.

How can I vote in the RAG ballot?

Go to www.oxfordsu.org/leadershipelection after voting opens on Tuesday 4th week (9th February) at 08:00. Selecting the RAG charities is the final item on the ballot, after the sabbatical, trustee and delegate positions. Voting closes at 18:00 Thursday 4th Week Hilary (11th February).