Vice President Charities and Community

Salary: £21,236

Term in office: 27/06/21 - 26/06/22 (Please see FAQs regarding having coursework to complete after this start date)

Holiday: 24 days, + 6 fixed closure days, + 8 public holidays

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What's the role?: The Vice-President Charities & Community represents Student Members to the University, and external audiences. They lead in policy making and campaigning work, in conjunction with other Officers, by addressing the needs of students as members of the community. They promote a holistic approach to student life beyond educational and representational functions; and work to facilitate this aspect of student life, to encourage students to make a wider contribution to their community and to encourage opportunities for students in this area. They facilitate charitable fundraising activity undertaken by the student body and represent the student body in local community structures. They are a Sabbatical Trustee and play a key role in relationship between Student Council and the Trustee Board.

Areas of Responsibility

  • To be a Sabbatical Trustee and play a key role in the relationship between Student Council and the Trustee Board.
  • Support the committees of Oxford SU Campaigns
  • To support charitable fundraising activity undertaken by the student body and Oxford SU Charity RAG (Raise and Give).
  • To act as a point of contact and support (with training and any other appropriate resources) for common room environment and ethics reps and charities/RAG reps.
  • To represent the student body in local community structures and act as the main point of contact for the City and County Council.
  • To support students who are living out of college accommodation.
  • To campaign, lobby, and make policy on issues relating to the environment, sustainability, and ethics at the University of Oxford.
  • To represent students to the University in issues relating to careers.
  • To take responsibility for ensuring student representation and engagement with community events, such as the Christmas Lights Festival and Cowley Road Carnival.
  • To run and deliver projects arising from manifesto pledges and team priorities.

Key University Stakeholders

  • Head of Government and Community Relations
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor for Planning and Resources
  • Sustainability Team at University Estates

University Committees

  • Joint Subcommittee of the Education Committee with Student Members
  • Committee for Development and Alumni Relations
  • Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee
  • Buildings and Estates Subcommittee
  • Property Management Subcommittee
  • Sustainability Steering Group
  • Clubs Committee
  • Committee for the Proctors Office
  • Rules Committee

Key SU staff support

  • Student Engagement Coordinators
  • Student Engagement Manager
  • Communications Manager


Key skills you will develop in your role

  • In-depth knowledge of a variety of topical issues relating to the environment, sustainability and ethics.
  • In-depth knowledge on the workings of charity and charity law.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the social issues in the city of Oxford and wider county.
  • Project planning
  • Management
  • Campaign management
  • Being an effective representative (on committees and to various stakeholders with tools such as consultation and data collection)
  • Negotiation and assertiveness
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Effective use of social media
  • Engagement with the press
  • Working independently or as part of a team