Vice President Graduates

Salary: £21,236

Term in office: 27/06/21 - 26/06/22 (Please see FAQs regarding having coursework to complete after this start date)

Holiday: 24 days, + 6 fixed closure days, + 8 public holidays

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What's the role?: The VP Graduates represents Graduate students, to the University, and external audiences as appropriate. They lead in policy-making, campaigning and lobbying work, in conjunction with other Officers,on graduate issues at the University of Oxford, and act as focal point for organising Oxford SU's work for Graduates. They are a Sabbatical Trustee and play a key role in relationship between Student Council and the Trustee Board.

Areas of Responsibility

  • To be a Sabbatical Trustee and play a key role in the relationship between Student Council and the Trustee Board.
  • Support the committees of Oxford SU Campaigns
  • To represent students, in particular graduate students, to the University, and external audiences as appropriate.
  • To represent the following subgroups of students at all levels of study: international students; mature students; part-time students; student parents and carers.
  • To work with postgraduate course and Divisional Board representatives.
  • To support graduate Common Room presidents, including by coordinating Graduate Presidents’ Committee (twice a term), and maintaining the relevant mailing lists.
  • To facilitate the International Students’ and Mature Students’ Orientation events.
  • To campaign, lobby, and make policy on graduate issues at the University of Oxford, particularly in the areas of: graduate academic affairs; research and innovation; graduate accommodation; graduate admissions and funding.
  • To run and deliver projects arising from manifesto pledges and team priorities.

Key University Stakeholders

  • Education Policy Support, including Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • Research Services, including Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

University Committees

  • Council
  • Education Committee (EdC)
  • Quality Assurance Working Group (QAWG)
  • Curators of the University Libraries
  • Joint Student Number Planning Sub-Committee
  • Joint Subcommittee of the Education Committee with Student Members
  • Student Wellbeing Subcommittee
  • Research and Innovation Committee
  • Graduate Admissions Committee
  • Graduate Student Administration & Procedures Group
  • Quality Assurance Subcommittee
  • Research Degrees Panel
  • Taught Degrees Panel
  • Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG)
  • Graduate Committee

Key SU staff support

  • Policy & Change Coordinator
  • Student Engagement Coordinators
  • Student Engagement Manager
  • Communications Manager

Key skills you will develop in your role

  • In-depth knowledge of university structures, the UK Higher Education sector, and government educational policy
  • In-depth understanding of issues and barriers facing non-traditional and underrepresented groups of students in Higher Education
  • In-depth understanding of issues and barriers facing non-UK students.
  • Project planning
  • Management
  • Campaign management
  • Being an effective representative (on committees and to various stakeholders with tools such as consultation and data collection)
  • Negotiation and assertiveness
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Effective use of social media
  • Engagement with the press
  • Working independently or as part of a team