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Brasenose HCR Meeting 27 Nov. 2019

Motion 1

The HCR notes that...

- Brasenose students have free access to the iffley university gym but not the pool.

- The cost of swimming membership is £95/year - The following 12 colleges currently have a swimming deal arranged: Christ Church, Exeter, Green Templeton, Harris Manchester, Jesus, Kellogg, Linacre, Lincoln, Magdelen, St. Cross,St. Hildas, University. 

- The cost of a swimming deal is £95 per current swimming member, with an additional 20% cost to account for a subsequent rise in pool-usage by BNC swimmers.

- If BNC have 60 current swimming pool members, the cost of unlimited student membership of the pool per year would be £5700 + 20% = £6,840.

- To include Brasenose staff it will cost an additional £800.

The HCR believes that...

- Sports such as swimming have strong health benefits and should be inclusive. Students can only swim at iffley with a membership. The massive cost and puts students off, especially the causal swimmers who would not receive their money’s worth.

- The swimming deal would cost a significant amount of money, beyond the funds of the HCR.

The HCR resolves to...

- Speak to college and put forward a case for swimming pool membership. 


Proposed by Christopher Parsons, seconded by Bradley Johnson and Thomas Fane. 

Motion 2

The HCR notes that...

- The role of Domestic Rep is particularly involved in terms of both scope and intensity (containing as it does administrative, domestic and environmental responsibilities; as well as being physically demanding in re dessert-shopping), so much so that it has become a de facto expectation that said Rep will enlist temporary help on a regular basis in order to allow him to perform his duties adequately.

The HCR therefore believes that....

- Providing a second Domestic Rep's position will not only increase the balance and efficiency of this committee role, but also make it more attractive to future candidates.

The HCR thus resolves to...

- Offer a total of two Domestic Reps' positions in future, beginning at the next hustings; and to alter the relevant constitutional appendix as appropriate.

Proposed Samuel Marde Mehdiabad Esq. Seconded Zachariah Pullar Esq. Harry Moore Esq