Tackling Transphobia at Oxford SU

“We are thrilled to hear that Student Council has voted in favour of adopting the new definition of transphobia. This definition was written by trans people, for trans people, to support and encourage individuals to speak up about the transphobia they experience within the university, and reassure them that their concerns will be taken seriously.
It is a huge step in the right direction for the SU to acknowledge that it is trans students themselves who are in the best place to determine what should and should not be considered transphobia, and to commit to helping us tackle transphobia in all its forms.” 

- Oxford SU LGBTQ Campaign Co-Chairs, Elliot Brooke & Tori Chocqueel-Mangan 

We are pleased to announce that, this week, Student Council members voted for Oxford SU to adopt a new definition of transphobia written by trans student representatives. This definition will allow us to hold ourselves to account, and fully understand the complex ways in which transphobia can play out at Oxford, both interpersonally and on an institutional level. 

Passing a policy such as this during Pride month gives us a unique opportunity to reflect on our place in the fight for LGBTQ liberation. An important part of our work to tackle transphobia as an SU is looking inwards, and ensuring that we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to respecting our trans student members. We hope that this policy can be part of that work. 

However, it is also important to look outward, and understand how we can use our power as a Students’ Union to make change institutional change in the University. The policy mandates our VP Women, and our VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities to lobby the University to formally adopt this definition of transphobia. We look forward to advancing this work , and pushing forwards for trans liberation. 

Find out more about this policy and get involved with student council. 

You can read more about trans students’ experiences in Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign’s 2018 Trans Report.