Higher Education & Research Bill - What to do now!

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This year the government’s new Higher Education and Research Bill has been making its way through parliament. It proposes a range of policies that would be hugely damaging to students. Certain groups, such as international students, less wealthy students, and other underrepresented groups will be particularly badly affected. For example the proposed 'teaching excellence framework' would allow universities to charge different fees depending on how 'excellent' they are judged to be which would be catastrophic for access.

We’ve been fighting the Bill with students at every stage, demonstrating, lobbying Lords, leading a boycott of the NSS, and much more behind the scenes. All of this hard work paid off in the House of Lords where a series of amendments were proposed in response to the significant concerns voiced by students. These include:

• Cutting the link between teaching excellence and fees

• Removing international students from net migration figures

• Protecting students from the risks posed by new universities just setting up

• Automatic voter registration for students 

The Bill is about to enter what's called 'parliamentary ping pong' and we need to ensure the amendments above are passed by the House of Commons.

Given government has such a slim majority, and this Bill is pretty controversial, we stand good chance of winning.

THIS is where YOU can help.  

Please write to your MPs at home and at university and encourage your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, and frankly anyone else to do the same! It takes as little as one minute and you could help defend Higher Education for generations to come.

It’s quick and easy with this MP Letter Template

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