Information to students regarding Corona Virus

We are hearing reports of a Facebook group which has launched actively asking students to share 'rumours' relating to Corona Virus at the University, 'leaked' information or questions which cannot be answered and it is causing worry. I think we all agree that it is imperative that we collectively ensure that only facts are being shared and questions being funnelled to the best people to answer them. 

Information on Corona Virus is being pushed through the universities' webpage and email communications. The webpage is updated daily and we encourage you all to read it. This advice is taken from PHE who the university have been in contact with: 

Thank you all so very much for talking to us. We are hearing, and are taking action on, feedback from students who have very legitimate concerns relating to this situation. Additionally, we are asking student leaders in Colleges and Divisions to feedback to us their concerns relating to college and university communications to students. We asked the Academic Registrar to email these leaders with information which they can share. 

We also want to let you know that our student campaigns are working closely with Sabbatical Officers on questions relating specifically to the students they represent, their feedback is invaluable and the university has, and has promised to continue, to update their resources. Please do continue to talk to them and to us ?? 

Feel free to leave comments and concerns below relating to communications about Corona Virus, we will remove names before we share with any members of the university, and please continue to check the Universities' webpage for the most up to date information. Specific enquiries can be fielded to your College or head of Department and health related enquiries can be discussed with your Doctor or 111.

We hope you understand why it's important to have one source of information and your concerns are being heard. 

Your Sabbatical Officer Team.


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