NUS Delegate by-election

Each year Oxford SU elects 6 NUS Delegates to attend NUS Conference alongside the SU President to represent Oxford University students. In the 2020 SU Leadership Election, only 2 candidates were elected to the position. Consequently, Student Council has declared a vacancy for 4 unfilled positions, at least 2 of which must be filled by self-defining women, and have asked the Elections Committee to organise a by-election.


Elections Committee have met and decided that the by-election will be run on the following

Nominations Open Thursday 12th March 00:00
Nominations Close Thursday 12th March 12:00
Manifesto deadline Thursday 12th March 13:00
Voting opens Thursday 12th March 16:00
Voting closes Friday 13th March 16:00
Results announced Friday 13th March 19:00


This timetable allows for the election to be administered during Hilary term time which accommodates the availability of candidates and voters, and gives those elected enough time to make arrangements for NUS conference. While we acknowledge the timeline is short compared to previous elections, based on the democratic mandate we received from student council at the meeting in 7th week HT, we believe this is the best option that balances the administrative capacity, the availability of students, and ensures a fair election that delivers a result in a timely manner.

I encourage all interested to nominate. NUS determines a number of important policies for students at Oxford and across the country. Do not let your voice go unheard.