Pro-Choice statement

On November 1st, Oxford Students for Life hosted a pro-life discussion regarding the Irish abortion debate. A number of students, led by Oxford SU’s Women’s Campaign, organised a counter-demo in opposition to this event. Oxford SU would like to take this opportunity to restate its commitment to pro-choice attitudes. Oxford SU has the following policy regarding Reproductive Justice which has been passed in Student Council, our representative body of students who lead on and inform our policies:

Reproductive Justice Pro-Choice Policy

Oxford SU is an organisation dedicated to representing the interests of Oxford students. Oxford SU believes that as such, Oxford SU as an organisation should affirm the rights of all students to choose what happens in their lives and what happens with their bodies, including the choice of whether or not to continue with a pregnancy, and should campaign accordingly. Oxford SU believes that abortion can be a difficult moral choice, and we should trust students to make it for themselves. That Oxford SU can and should do more to support both students who choose to have children during their time at Oxford, and students who arrive in Oxford as parents. That Oxford SU should, through the Student Advice service, continue to make available impartial and non-directional welfare support to those students who are pregnant and in need of advice.

Oxford SU resolves:

  • To support the right of all pregnant people to choose, and to campaign in support of this right being legally established.
  • To oppose measures to make it more difficult for students to choose either to terminate a pregnancy or to carry it to term and to work to ensure that no additional restrictions are imposed at any level so that Oxford students have a real choice.
  • To campaign to extend students’ right of practical access to an abortion, and to extend their rights of choice over their own pregnancies.
  • To campaign for the University and the colleges to provide greater support for students who choose to carry their pregnancy through to term.
  • To work with other groups campaigning for the above objectives.
  • To reaffirm the importance of the VP (Women) in representing and supporting student parents, in order to further the provision for student parents by Oxford SU and the University.
  • To clearly affirm our support for a non-directive, impartial and supportive Student Advice service, as laid down in the Oxford SU Bye-Laws.

Oxford SU fully supported the decision of our Women’s Campaign to protest the pro-life event, Oxford SU will continue to support events of this nature and Oxford SU fully commits itself to campaigning for the right pregnant people have to their own bodily autonomy.

Oxford SU believes that peaceful protest has played a major role in bringing about important social and political changes. Student groups should have the right to peacefully protest as the European Convention on Human Rights affords us the rights to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and thought.

Oxford SU Policy Boook is available to read here