Sabbatical Officers Statement


As your elected representatives and in recognition of the Office we hold, we sincerely apologise for the hurt and discomfort caused by the actions of the President-elect.

Oxford SU has a no tolerance policy towards discrimination. Racism, transphobia, and antisemitism have no place in our organisation. 

For members wishing to hold their Officers or Officer-elects to account on any and all matters, we would encourage you to make your voice heard through submitting motions to Student Council, or speaking to our Advice Service at:, who can outline more options available. 

Here are some resources you may wish to access for support: 

  • Our Advice Service offers free, confidential and independent advice. They can be contacted by email at:  
  • You can access the University’s counselling service at:, where they offer free counselling in an individual or group format. 
  • We as a sabbatical team are also here for you. If you would like to speak to a member of the sabbatical team with a similar background, students of colour may wish to speak to the President, Nikita Ma, at:; Jewish students may wish to speak to the VP Access and Academic Affairs, Tucker Drew, at; Trans students may wish to speak to the VP Women, Alex Foley, at:

Nikita Ma – President

Tucker Drew – VP Access and Academic Affairs   

Ben Farmer – VP Charities and Community  

Lauren Bolz – VP Graduates  

Amelia Holt – VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities    

Alex Foley – VP Women