Update from Oxford SU Sabbatical Officers on Hilary Term 2021

Radcliffe Camera in the snow

We welcome the University of Oxford’s recent statement to all students on the start of Hilary Term following the recent government announcement.  

We are in regular contact with senior leaders across the collegiate University to ensure student views are prioritised at the highest level and next week will be highlighting student concerns at the key University groups we are members of including Education Steering Group and Hilary and Trinity Co-ordination group

Following today’s update from the University we expect colleges to provide further updates to their students including around accommodation. Our view is that students unable to return to Oxford in Hilary Term 2021 should not be financially penalised; students should not have to pay for accommodation that they are unable to live in.  

This year remains incredibly difficult for all students and this must be recognised by the University in their academic expectations of students. We were pleased to secure a continuation fees grace period for Postgraduate research students. We look forward to working with the University to ensure student learning and assessment isn’t disadvantaged due to the pandemic.  

We know that the uncertainty around returning to Oxford is challenging and we continue to encourage the collegiate University to communicate promptly and openly so that students can remain up to date. We are pleased the University have committed to updating students next week shortly after key decisions are made.

Update: We would like to highlight that:

International students that are not on an initial teacher training or medicine course can return to Oxford if you have remained in the UK or have already arrived back, or have booked travel which cannot be rescheduled.

Postgraduate research students are exempt from the guidance, which means that you can continue your research (and return to Oxford if you left during the vacation) as you planned at the end of Michaelmas term. Further guidance including around access to facilities and how University and college services will be managed is currently being developed and will be available from colleges/departments shortly.

The latest University and Wellbeing information is here. 

Information about Oxford SU’s free, independent and impartial advice service (open again from 4/1/21) is here

Information about the University’s covid hardship fund, which you can apply for if your finances have been affected due to the ongoing pandemic, is available here

Nikita Ma – President 


Tucker Drew – VP Access and Academic Affairs 


Ben Farmer – VP Charities and Community 


Lauren Bolz – VP Graduates  


Amelia Holt – VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities 


Alex Foley – VP Women 



Who are Oxford SU’s Sabbatical Officers?  

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