Fixing broken lights on Merton Street

Lights on Merton Street are set to be fixed shortly, after working with the SU and the council.

As many people in central Oxford may have been aware, some of the street lamps on Merton Street, in Central Oxford, are currently broken. This currently leaves Merton Street very dark after around 6pm, presenting a safety risk to those attempting to get home at night. Given the current circumstances and the heightened fear and anxiety that women in particular were facing, this issue was particularly relevant and significant in these difficult times.

IHH, along with the SU, was in contact with the City Council over this, and encouraged Oxford students to email the City Councillor or make complaints to the Council. After conversations with both the SU and the council, Oxford County Council who have responsibility for the lights has reassured us that the lights will be repaired within 7 working days and are being prioritised. Lights in the area have recently been inspected by the council this week they were happy that the rest of the lights were working along Merton Street and Oriel Square and that there is functional CCTV coverage across the street. We'd like to thank the County Council for their swift response on this issue.

Whilst there is no need for members of the student body to email the council regarding this issue, we do encourage people to use the online form to report any faults with street lighting across Oxford, and we will be working closely with the council to have more open conversations about street safety. If you have any further concerns about street lighting or safety please message the page and use the link below.


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