Mid-September Newsletter

OFQE updates on our activity as the clock winds down to the start of Michaelmas term.

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Dear All,

We hope you are enjoying your last days of the vac and that preparation for returning to life at Oxford is going well. We at the OFQE are excited to hit the ground running this term. Here is an update on what to expect from us, and an invitation to get further involved...


As you may be aware if you follow our social media accounts (@theOFQE), we have recently announced a number of speakers for our MT20 events. We have confirmed Dominic Casciani – the BBC Home Correspondent for Terrorism and Security – for our event ‘On the Repatriation of Extremists’ on the 14th of October, and Dr Avia Pasternak and Jonathan Havercroft for our 5th of November debate – ‘Is rioting ever justified?’ Dr Pasternak and Mr Havercroft are two of the world’s leading academics on riot and protest theory and we are very excited to be hosting them.

We have also confirmed Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci, former White House Director of Communications, for our event on Electoral Interference on the 23rd of October. Scaramucci is the joint shortest serving American spin-doctor in history, and he has worked closely with President Trump.

To learn more about our speakers and their work, you can find our press releases at www.facebook.com/TheOFQE.

Join Our Events Team!

This is an opportunity to help curate our events programs for HT and TT21. We are looking for students who are passionate about current affairs, and who want to engineer discussions across traditional divisions within politics and academia. We will post about this on social media on the 18th of September, but if you want to jump the gun, you can apply now by emailing OxForQE@gmail.com. We’d like to hear about your academic interests, ideas for future events, and why you’d be a good fit for our team. Applications will close on Friday of 2nd Week.

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We announced in our August update that we were planning an in-person event in 0th week. Unfortunately, due to the new ‘rule of six’, this will not be possible. We are now planning an online drop-in session in 0th week where you can connect with us either on Zoom or social media, and we are really looking forward to meeting you then.

OFQE Online

We have more announcements for speakers coming at the end of the month as we build up to our launch in 0th Week. Make sure you are up to date with our social media as our updates are first released there. We have already had our first giveaway and there is more coming very soon!

Also, we will be taking over the @OxfordUniFreshers2020 page on Instagram on the 20th September. For those of you that are unfamiliar, this page has been used over the last 6 months to connect incoming Freshers with one another, with 5000+ followers to date. We will be doing a Q&A with our President, Freddie Feltham, and he’ll be talking you through the MT20 events program and our goals for the OFQE for this coming year. If you have any questions for him for the 20th, either get in touch on Instagram or shoot us an email. We will also have a stall at the virtual Freshers’ Fair on the 7th of October, which will be another opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We’ll be in touch again at the start of October, but in the meantime we wish you well and look forward to welcoming you in person and online very soon.

All the best, OFQE Executives

Contact: OxForQE@gmail.com Social media: @theOFQE


Dr Isaiah Reid Jd Law Student
10:15pm on 2 Jan 21 Greetings, Pray everyone have a prosperous and successful Academic School Year 2021
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