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Brexit and a People's vote

Who's making it happen


Brexit puts Oxford's status as a world leading university at risk and will have a detrimental impact on EU students, affecting issues such as fees and immigration status. As students and young people will be particularly hit by the negative consequences of Brexit, it is SU policy to support the People's Vote campaign for a second referendum with Remain as an option on the ballot. We've also joined the NUS's 'No to No Deal' campaign to make it clear to the government that No Deal is not an option.

I will be ensuring that Oxford SU participates in the national conversation around Brexit and engages with efforts to push for a People's Vote. I'll be working in collaboration with groups such as 'For Our Future's Sake' and 'Our Future Our Choice' which are youth and student groups campaigning for a second referendum,

As well as this, the SU will push the University to release as much information about their preparations for Brexit and ensure there are support structures in place for EU students. We'll also be running an information campaign to encourage EU students to sign up for settled status.