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Care leavers report

Who's making it happen


Currently, advice and support for care leavers in Oxford is minimal to non-existent, with information on the website currently outdated.

Although care leavers may be a small proportion of the student body, they are nevertheless students who we represent.

Access has proven to be important to students and this would encourage more care leavers to apply to Oxford. 

It links to the SU strategy in that it aims to enhance student wellbeing on a day-to-day basis and champions an Oxford where every individual can thrive through long-term structural reform (Your Wellbeing) and also fulfils the priority of putting equality and diversity at the heart of an Oxford education (Your Education).

The evidence gathered in initial consultations will show this as important. Work of external charities and bodies can also back up that this is a concern on a national level.

We want to research and compile a report then work with various committees to implement recommendations.


CUREC forms submitted

Call for participants is live!