Support Campaigns for Climate Action

Who's making it happen


There are many students who want to get involved with climate action but who may not know where to start,

It is part of the job of the VP of Charities and Communities to connect students with campaigns, and empower these campaigns with research and resources on any area of climate action across the university. This year, Kaya is bringing these campaigns together under a central Climate Action Plan to incentivize and track collective action.

To get involved, join the Sustainability Guild started by Oxford College staff and Home Bursars, or find a campaign or green impact effort in your college or department email 

Kaya works with the following climate related campaigns and student societies among many others (please email her if you are a new campaign or initiative to be listed):

Beyond Individual Action - Persuasion and education - Part of a climate action network in univeristies across the globe, BIA hosts workshops on how students and staff can leverage their own networks and connections and persuasive conversations to incentivize climate action. 

Oxford Climate Justice Campaign - Campaigns on Fossil Fuel Divestment and hosts events and demonstrations in intersectional solidarity with those at the frontline of the cliamte crisis. 

Positive Investment - Explores the power of positive investment, impact investing, engagement and shareholder power with a lens on the environment and ethics.

Oxford Climate Society - Education and Campaigning on Sustainability and Institutional Reform. Developing the next generation of informed climate leaders, thinkers, movers and shakers.

Oxford Sustainability - Works on making a sustainable Oxford, running campaigns including Green Trashing, Sustainaball, and more!

Veggie Soc - Empowers students to take the leap to reduce their meat and animal product consumption, partners with the SU on the ever popular, Veggie Pledge in Novemember

The Oxford Young Greens - Empowering Climate Consciousness in the Political Sector