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Diversification of assessment

Who's making it happen


"Assessment at Oxford is tough, no one denies it. But whilst rigour is to be commended 'tough' does not always mean better. 

The lack of diversity in how our students are assessed is not only thought to contribute to attainment gaps but also leaves students poorly prepared for the real world. A key part of improving the student academic experience is to begin to move away from archaic forms of assessment. I want the university to embrace forms of assessment beyond, for example, three hour essay-based exams. To that end, I will lobby in committees such as the Taught Degrees Panel and continue to make the argument for mandatory coursework elements.

Students deserve to be examined in ways that measure their true ability and engagement with their course, rather than just their ability to tolerate pressure and monotony. All of this being part of building a more student-centred culture around exams and exam season."

- R.W.