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New SU Building

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The SU is a vital part of the University, representing the interests of Oxford students to the University, colleges and on a national level. Therefore, it's vital that we think about the long term needs of the SU and ensure it's well equipped to address the concerns of students and lobby for their interests.

The SU’s current location in 4 Worcester Street is not large enough for the SU to act as a hub that students can gather in and host events in.

We would like to lobby the University to provide us with a new space that would act as a central location for students to gather in outside of their colleges with meeting rooms that are easily accessible to clubs and societies. We'd ideally like a space where the SU can have a bar or cafe so that we're providing more services to students.

This is a long term project for the SU and the discussion with the University needs to start now. I'll make sure to keep students updated on the lobbying and planning success of this ambitious project.