Sex Workers Report

Who's making it happen


Following on from the previous VP Women's work, I want to work towards encouraging better support for student sex workers. This is a welfare issue as the University policy doesn’t have guidelines on support for sex workers and I am keen to look into how this group of students can be more successfully and appropriately supported by the sexual violence service, college nurses, and welfare leaders.

It is important to the safety and wellbeing of students who engage in sex work that work in this area is done as they are a minority but nonetheless substantial group. SU policy openly supports Decrim and acknowledges that sex workers are workers who should be protected within the university environment. By using the evidence from previous surveys to write a report we can assess the best way to engage with the university on this issue, whether that be a case of writing policy or raising awareness, or incorporating student sex workers into existing frameworks. 

The report will include anecdotal evidence and a confirmation that sex work is happening in colleges. More generally, support among the student population for Decrim and supporting sex workers shows that this is an issue that a large proportion of students care about and wish to support.

We want to bring the report to relevant committees to present the evidence, discuss how its recommendations can be translated into practical steps, and keep in contact with charities such as ECP to raise awareness of sex work and hold events for students i.e. the disability and sex work talk run this year.