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Training and workshops review

Who's making it happen


Workshops are also not standardised/ compulsory at different colleges so I would like to lobby colleges this year to change this.

I want to work with student engagement to see how we can coordinate information given to students in the run-up to freshers’ week, and make training even more accessible and visible. After giving the workshops in freshers’ week I would like to review them with certain student groups to see if they are accessible and appropriate. If feedback shows need for resounding changes I will update the training in Hilary term to maximise impact and effect for incoming students.

We want to work out and decide relevant people for different actions, consult college presidents, disseminate info about workshops, review the process with freshers’ reps/ coordinators after freshers’ week, and review the content with diverse student groups.



After delivering consent, diversity and bystander trainings this Michelmas, I will be reviewing them in Hilary in line with feedback from the form I sent out and student views in focus groups.