Planet Pledge 2021 is back! 

Welcome to Planet Pledge 2021! It's super simple: we're asking you to pledge do one thing to help make the world a better place! 

After the last two years, the world needs our help more than ever, so help us bring back some positivity!  


How it works

This year, Oxford SU Planet Pledge is a campaign part of the Oxford Carbon Challenge.  

The Oxford Carbon Challenge is an online platform where you can calculate your carbon footprint, find suggested steps to reduce it and mark the steps you are already taking. 

The challenge is set as a friendly competition between college teams, where each step you take or pledge to try is translated to points. The more members your college will have on your team, the more positive actions you will take, the more points you and your team will score. 

Make sure you join, invite your friends and start taking small, manageable steps to reduce your carbon footprint. It might be easier than you think. 

The challenge is based on Giki Zero platform and methodology. It is led by the University's environmental sustainability team, with the support SOS-UK (the national students' union sustainability team)


Here's how to join

  1. Join the challenge with this link (Please use your university email address only and check your spam for the response)  

  1. Once your registration is approved, join your college team at this link:

  1. Join the campaign ‘Oxford SU Planet Pledge 2021’ and confirm your pledges! You can choose one or as many as you like!  

  1. *Share* your pledge! Go to our Facebook group ( and share your pledge or tag us @oxfordstudents #SUPlanetPledge 


Pledge Options

  • Go Vegetarian
  • Go Vegan
  • Use as little single use plastic as possible
  • No new clothes
  • Take Action: University (e.g. fill in the Sustainability Strategy Consultation)
  • Take Action: College (e.g. Join Green Impact, Student Switch Off, college campaigns- see below!)


How long do I need to pledge for?

A week, a month, a year, less or more- it's all up to you! 

Every student who pledges will be entered in a prize draw to win a prize!  

Make sure you join the community of students doing their pledges and get the latest updates by joining our Facebook group at: 



How can I take action in my college? 


How have you made the campaign inclusive? 

We have got a range of pledge choices plus you can also make your own, ensuring that anyone who wants to can take part in Planet Pledge in a way that they are comfortable with. This year it’s all about doing one thing and continuing the conversation around the Climate Crisis at all levels.   


Who runs the campaign? 

This campaign is run by Aleena Waseem, VP Charities and Community at Oxford SU- one of our six sabbatical officers at Oxford SU.