Executive Committee

RAG President

“The RAG President eats, drinks and sleeps RAG.”

They chair committee meetings, oversee RAG’s diverse range of projects and events, assist with running all areas of RAG, and they are responsible for ensuring that RAG’s creative ideas turn into real, successful events and projects! It is also the role of the President to direct overall strategy, identify any areas of weakness and make RAG bigger, and better than before! You need to be motivated, enthusiastic and well-organised, balancing assertiveness with careful consideration of your team’s needs.







RAG President, 2018-19

 “My main job is to support our amazing committee in developing and delivering our portfolio of events and projects to raise a huge amount of money for our incredible elected causes. I also help manage RAG's range of partnerships with external organisations and help spread the word about all that we do. I'm always on the look out for new things RAG can get involved with so watch this space!"

VP Communications

The RAG VP Communications (Comms) is RAG’s keystone, managing communication and logistics inside RAG as well as managing RAG’s external media presence.

You’ll be organising and minuting RAG’s Executive and General Committee meetings, ensuring that every member of the team knows what they are expected to do and by when. You’re responsible for ensuring that the team at large communicate well, and that different parts of the RAG machine know what other parts are up to. You’ll organise and oversee events that encourage the cooperation, dialogue and all round camaraderie of the different branches of RAG. As well as managing internal communication, you’ll be the driving force behind marketing and external communication with students, charities and other partner organisations.



RAG VP Comms, 2018-19

“As “VP Comms” my role can be divided in two. Firstly, a lot of my work is behind the scenes, like co-ordinating the committee, booking rooms and organising socials etc. On the other hand, I play a large role in how RAG is presented to the outside world.

I love being able to get creative in developing RAG as a brand, managing our marketing strategy and overseeing our online engagement."

VP Events

The RAG VP (Events) focuses on supporting Events Teams and developing the portfolio of Events throughout the year.

They directly manage the Event Team Leaders, ensuring their plans are realistic and on budget to increase RAG’s fundraising profits and to further RAG’s mission. They support teams when there are challenges with an event, drawing on the skills and experience of the rest of the RAG team to ensure success. They evaluate events against RAG’s key aims and are responsible for ensuring that unsuccessful events are fully scrutinised so that RAG continues to grow with a strong portfolio of consistently successful and innovative events.



RAG VP Events, 2018-19

“This is a highly rewarding role; I get to meet tons of friendly, enthusiastic people, help them as they gain confidence and expertise in event organisation and at the end of the whole process, I get to enjoy the fruits of our hard work!

It's so inspiring to witness firsthand just how much effort goes in to planning something like our RAG Garden Party, and the feeling you experience after delivering a successful event becomes quite addictive... .”

VP Finance

The RAG’s VP (Finance) is responsible for working with the RAG Coordinator to help manage RAG’s income and expenditure.

The VP (Finance) supports the VP (Events) to produce budgets for each event and supports Event Teams to stick to said budgets. They are also responsible for overseeing sponsorship from companies and selling RAG’s advertising products. They will oversee sponsorship officers, helping to negotiate larger deals. They will be leading discussion around how RAG can make more money with its resources, and planning how to best use RAG funds to invest for the future.



RAG VP Finance, 2018-19

“As VP Finance, I oversee the sponsorship and budgets of events teams, manage ticketing, and look after our inventory. I help events teams to draft contracts for sponsorship with companies they have reached out to and help them stick to their approved budget. I also look after the RAG cupboard, dealing with requests for the wide range of things we keep stored from prosecco to dragon costumes to paint brushes.

It's great to work with such a fantastic team and put on some really exciting events each term.

VP Engagement

At its core, the RAG VP (Engagement) is responsible for encouraging fundraising in the University and amongst students who may not engage with RAG’s other events and projects.

They organise cross-campus fundraisers such as Movember, Oxmas Jumpers & Blind Date. They also collaborate with Colleges and other University clubs/societies to organise fundraising events and projects outside of RAG. The VP (Engagement) oversees the Undergraduate and Graduate Reps Liaison Officers to maintain a network of Common Room Reps and provide them with abundant physical and online resources, training and networking opportunities.



RAG VP Engagement, 2018-19

“My role is really to engage the student body in anything that RAG does, alongside supporting other student charitable campaigns such as Movember. This means no week is the same and is super rewarding - it ranges from coming up with new fun ideas, organising the infamous Blind date and collaborating with many societies.

For the first time this year, we are launching the Oxford University Charity Awards which celebrate all the amazing work that students do such as organising events, fundraising challenges and volunteering.

RAG is amazing to be part of, any ideas are welcomed and you get to have so much fun whilst making a real difference. ”

VP Projects

The RAG VP Projects is be responsible for 3rd party challenge events and excursions, as well as supporting the RAG Casino and RAG Ball.

They are responsible for developing an effective system of recruitment for event/excursion participants, supporting the work of the Challenges Officer. They manage the relationship between RAG and the 3rd party stakeholders, working closely with the RAG Coordinator to negotiate contracts and agreements with those stakeholders. They are also responsible for maintaining a strong communicative link between the RAG Ball, RAG Casino and RAG Executive Committees, providing a developmental role to the Casino and Ball.



RAG VP Projects, 2018-19

“Challenges are such an important part of the RAG portfolio, as they significantly contribute to the fundraising total, so it was a really rewarding role to take on.”

General Committee

Sponsorship Officers

You’ll be responsible for devising a sponsorship proposal, and delivering significant sponsorship to RAG through connecting with a diverse range of organisations.




RAG Sponsorship Officers, 2018-19

Raids Officer

You’ll organise RAG’s street collections in Oxford and elsewhere, leading volunteers, working with city councils and developing new ways to attract those volunteers.



Raids are a really important part of RAG: not only do you get to engage with Oxford’s residents and help break down that bad old town/gown divide, but you get to learn a load about working with organisations like the City Council and the University to organise public fundraising events.

Charity Reps Officer

The Reps Liaison Officers support the JCR and MCR Charity Reps in Oxford colleges to encourage and support fundraising projects. They build and maintain a network of charity reps and provide them with abundant physical and online resources, training and networking opportunities, as well as encourage their involvement in RAG’s cross-campus fundraisers such as Blind Date and Oxmas Jumpers.

There are two Reps Liaison Officers, one supporting undergraduates and the other supporting graduates in their fundraising efforts for RAG and other charities.



Charity Reps Officer, 2018-19


“My main task is to be the binding link between all the college charity reps and RAG, as the university-wide charity society.“

Charity Liaison Officer

This role is to communicate with our elected charities as well as with other charity partners and ensure our relationship with charities remains strong.



Charity Liaison Officer, 2018-19


“I’ve been in awe of how many fundraising projects RAG have led all year round, offering endless oppurtinities for fun ways to get engaged with fundraising. I’m excited to play my part in this by widening visibility and accessibility of RAG charities amongst the student body. “?

Publicity Officer

You’ll be responsible for the management of RAG’s social media presence, devising new ways of engaging students and others while developing the professionalism of the operation.



Publicity Officer, 2018-19


“I got involved with RAG because I am a creative person, who loves using social media and wanted to help make a positive impact by helping to inspire students to fundraise for charity and to support student fundraising initiatives through RAG’s social media platform.“

Digitial Design Officer

The Digital Design Officer is responsible for creating posters and all sorts of other print and digital promotional material for RAG.





Sophie and Anna

Digitial Design Officer, 2018-19


Sophie: "My main job is to co-manage designing the graphics for RAG's events, which might involve making facebook cover photo graphics, designing stickers, stamps, or bags! There's lots of support given by the SU as well, and a lot of room for creativity in the role. It's great to see your graphics involved in events which hundreds of people take part in, and it's a super fulfilling position.“

Challenges Officer

You’ll be responsible for determining, organising and executing sponsored challenge events in RAG’s calendar, recruiting team leaders and supporting participants.








Challenges Officer, 2018-19


“Challenges are a really fun way to get involved with RAG and are a great way to meet new people and take part in adventurous activities, plus our challenges each raising thousands of pounds for our amazing RAG partner charities.“