Aleena Waseem

VP Charities & Community

Sabbatical officer support for Sport at Oxford 2020-21

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Sport at all levels is vital for wellbeing and integral to the student experience. We fully support the student campaign against the use of the Iffley Road sports centre as teaching space and call on the University to ensure the facility is safeguarded and opened for use with the required safety precautions in place. The University should clearly communicate about the use of Iffley Road for teaching purposes and consult with student representatives. Clarity is required on provision for both University and College sport for the coming academic year. We are actively lobbying the collegiate University for a transparent decision-making process and timeline on sport at the University of Oxford going forward. We will continue to raise this important issue at groups including Conference of Colleges, Michaelmas Co-ordination Group, and the Student Experience Co-ordination Group. We look forward to facilitating productive discussions with the Sports Federation Executive Committee and the collegiate University. 

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[ID: The title "Save Iffley Road" in white, and the text "Sign our open letter to #SaveOxfordSport" in grey underneath it. They are on a navy background.

Underneath the above text is a white box with an infographic inside, with the following information in navy and black.

Our Cause The text "We believe that the sporting facilities at Iffley Road should be kept available for sporting use, and not repurposed as teaching spaces", accompanied with a cyclical diagram on its right with the words "Gym", "Pool", "Track", and "Sports Halls" on it. In the centre is a tennis racket with a tennis ball.

Where do our 82 Registered Sports Clubs Train? (~5000 students) A pie chart showing 42.7% for At Iffley, 31.7% for Sports halls, 23.2% for Only use External Facilities, and 2.4% for Only use Iffley's Secondary Facilities (e.g. S+C).

What goes on at Iffley? Four bubbles in different shades of blue with "Recreational Sports Societies", "Fitness Opportunities (Gym, Pool & Outside Facilities)", "College Sport Fixtures", and "Competitive University Sports (BUCS, Varsity, National Competitions)" in them. They surround the bubble in the centre, which has the text "Iffley Road Sports Centre".

Iffley is used by the Wider Oxford Community A blue horizontal bar chart, where dark blue indicates memberships provided free for students by colleges, and light blue for memberships not provided for free by colleges. The first bar is titled "Gym or Gym & Swim". The number for the light blue section is around 1250, and the number for the dark blue section is around 2150. The second bar is titled "Swimming Memberships". The number for the light blue section is around 1400, and the number for the dark blue section is around 200.

Below the white infographic box is the text "Any queries or concerns please contact Aisha Cooper, Christy Sadler or Izzy Creed" in white.]

Who are the Sabbatical Officers?

We’re a team of 6 students elected annually and in post for a year from July-July. We work full-time at Oxford SU (yes, we’re paid too!) to represent students and campaign on a range of issues. You can see what we do on our website and if you think it sounds fun, look out for the annual elections in February when you can run to be a Sabbatical officer for 2021-22.


Ben Farmer
VP Charities and Community 2020-21


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