Vice-President Access and Academic Affairs

Tucker Drew

VP Access and Academic Affairs

Tucker's Manifesto

Quick Facts

College: Brasenose College

Course: BA Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics

Year of Study: Third

About me

Hi! I’m Tucker and I’m your VP for Access and Academic Affairs for the 2020/21 academic year!? 

I’m looking forward to engaging with and supporting students and your campaigns, and seeing how I can empower you in your work!? 

Throughout the year, I’ll be working with students and the administration to push for positive change, focused around the policies in my manifesto and our response to the ongoing pandemic. My priorities include:? 

  • Representing students on academic issues raised by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to ensure fair workload, assessment, and exams in our new working environment

  • Developing new strategies for digital/remote access in our post-COVID world, especially targeting students from underrepresented backgrounds in higher education

  • Lobbying the university to set goals for decolonizing Oxford’s curriculum

  • Working to highlight more student voices on university platforms in outreach and access initiatives

I believe that there is a huge amount that we can achieve together. If there is an academic or access issue you are passionate about please do not hesitate to get in touch! I’m looking forward to working with you all this year! 

Tucker's Blog

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