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Anna-Tina Jashapara


VP Charities and Community

Anna-Tina's Manifesto

Quick Facts

College: Mansfield College

Course: Geography

Year of Study: Recent Graduate

About me

Hello! I’m Anna-Tina, your new VP Charities and Community. I’ve recently finished studying my undergraduate degree in Geography at Mansfield college. This degree taught me tons about climate change, environmental justice and decolonisation, which has really informed my manifesto. As well as studying Geography, I was an Environment and Ethics rep at Mansfield college where I worked with my college and students to develop a sustainability strategy and targets. Beyond representation at a college level, I’ve worked with various campaigns including Oxford Climate Justice Campaign and Global Justice Now, aiming to make change both within the university and nationally. Some of this work included helping OCJC write it’s report on Oxford University’s ties with the fossil fuel industry.

Throughout this year I want to support students in campaigning for climate justice at the university, through lobbying for divestment and decarbonisation at a college level, as well as improving access to sustainable careers. I am also hoping to support work on decolonisation of curricula and university spaces, as well as looking at how we can build relations with the wider community. I want students to feel empowered to campaign for the change they want to see in the world, so I hope to support making campaigning at Oxford feel both accessible and fun.


Part of our role as your elected sabbatical officers is to sit on university committees, where important decisions get made and where we can represent student views. These are the committees I am a member of:

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