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Lauren's Manifesto

Quick Facts

College: Worcester College

Course: MSc Education (Higher Education)

Year of Study: First

About me

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren (she/her), an international student from the MSc in Higher Education. 


As VP Graduates, it’s my job to represent postgraduate students, international students, mature students, part-time students, student parents and student carers in over 25 university committees. I work to ensure that these student groups are taken into account when decisions are made and to lobby for the type of change that will improve their student experience.


Some of my priorities for this year are:

  • Improving our course and divisional rep systems to better allow students to work with staff on issues like decolonising the curriculum and inclusive teaching
  • Facilitating more between-term intercollegiate events and pushing for increased vacation provisions for graduate students
  • Improving the information communicated to prospective graduate students and offer-holders about the graduate student experience and the support structures available to us

Please get in touch if you have any ideas, questions or concerns!

Lauren's Blog

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COVID-19 Hardship Fund Update

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