Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities

Amelia Holt

VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities

Amelia's Manifesto

Quick Facts

College: St John's College

Course: BA Philosophy and Theology

Year of Study: Third

About me

Hello! I’m Amelia (She/Her) and I’m your VP for Welfare and Equal Opportunities. I have just finished an undergraduate degree in Theology and Religion at St John's College, so know what it’s like not only to be a student in Oxford, but also to finish my degree in these challenging times. In my role, I work alongside the university and the other sabbatical officers to ensure that the welfare of all students, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, race or class, is taken into consideration when decisions are made and to lobby for change when things aren’t up to scratch. 

I believe that student mental health and well-being is of paramount importance, and this belief should underpin everything we do. I am here as your representative and means for you to communicate your ideas, struggles and experiences to the university and so always want to hear from students so that your concerns can be prioritised. Please feel free to contact me with anything related to welfare or equal opportunities – both positive and negative – and hopefully together we can improve the Oxford experience for everyone!

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