Book an SU Room

Please be aware that we will not be able to accommodate room bookings during Michaelmas Term 2022. This is due to maintenance work on 4 Worcester Street and the relocation of the SU while this work is carried out. We hope that room bookings will be able to resume in January 2023. 


Need to meet with committees, project groups, plan events, or anything else? You can use the space at the SU! Any students can book meeting spaces for one-off or consistent meetings.

We have two small meeting rooms, that can also be combined to make one large meeting room. You can also book our Social Space, which is an open space. All spaces are accessible on the ground floor of the SU. 

In order to book a meeting room, students must make a room booking request below for each room and date required. Completing the form is a contract between the person booking the room and the SU – meaning you are responsible for those attending the meeting, and you must leave the space as you found it.

Before submitting your booking request, please read through our Space Usage Policy as you must agree to our conditions of use. Once you select the room and length of time you require it for, you can choose an available time slot, and complete the details at the end of the form. Please add any further information about your booking (e.g. whether you will have food/drink) in the notes section. 

If you'd like to book our large room, you must check the availability of both Room 1 and Room 2 and submit a booking for both rooms. The dividing wall can then be removed to combine the rooms. 

Important: If you are planning to have or consume alcohol at your event, you must read through our Alcohol Policy, and complete the agreement form, found here at least 7 days in advance of your booking. A refundable deposit paid at least 7 days in advance is required in all bookings involving alcohol.

After submitting your booking request, you will receive a confirmation email and calendar invite automatically. Please be aware that a staff member will review your booking and will be in contact if there are any concerns. You can email with any questions regarding your bookings.

We ask that you be respectful and responsible for the space you are using by being responsible for your group and leaving the room as you found it (clean and with the furniture in its original spot).

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