Book an SU Room

Due to staff working from home this service is currently unavailable.

Need to meet with committees, project groups, plan events, or anything else? You can use the space at the SU! Any students can book meeting spaces for one-off or consistent meetings.

In order to book a meeting room, students must make a room booking request below. Completing the form is a contract between the person booking the room and the SU – meaning you are responsible for those attending the meeting, and you must leave the space clean and furniture be put back to its original place.  

Once your booking request has been reviewed and confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation as a calendar invite to your inbox. Submitting a booking request does not guarantee you will have the room, you must wait for confirmation that it has been approved, we do not want you to be disappointed! Further, if the room is not available for the time you have asked for, we will contact you with alternatives.

We ask that you be respectful and responsible for the space you are using by being responsible for your group and leaving the room as you found it (clean and with the furniture in its original spot).

If the room looks busy it is still worth submitting a  request as we may be able to find somewhere for you!

Request a Booking