Space Usage Policy

1.1 Bookings will be reviewed and either approved or rejected based on availability, compliance with this, and other relevant Oxford SU Policies.


1.2 Bookings for Oxford SU Spaces must;

(a) only be made by a current Student Member,

(b) be only for a purpose related to students,

(c) clearly state the purpose of the booking, and

(d) be approved by a senior member of Oxford SU staff if they involve:

(i) serving food or using external caterers,

(ii) external speakers,

(iii) charging a fee for attendees,

(iv) the playing of copyright-controlled material, audio or video, including sporting events, and/or

(v) children under the age of 18, to ensure the Student Member who makes the booking follows all necessary safeguarding procedures and relevant DBS checks are obtained.


1.3 Bookings for Oxford SU Rooms must not:

(a) be for commercial purposes,

(b) be in breach of the University of Oxford Code of Practice on Meetings and Events


1.4 The Student Member who makes the booking is responsible for;

(a) taking all reasonable steps to ensure that no damage is caused to the room,

(b) ensuring that nothing is attached to the walls in any way,

(c) leaving the room in a clean and tidy state,

(d) returning furniture to the default layout; boardroom style in the rooms; the layout as shown on the noticeboard in the Social Space, and

(e) the conduct of those using the booked spaces.


1.5 The Student Member who makes the booking is liable for any damage caused to the booked spaces or to any facilities and must report any damages by email to


1.6 Due to licensing, the viewing of films is not permitted.


1.7 Users must consider the noise levels associated with their activities and ensure that they do not cause unreasonable disturbance to users of neighbouring rooms and areas.


1.8 Smoking and vaping is not permitted on Oxford SU premises.


1.9 The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on Oxford SU premises unless our Alcohol Policy has been signed, and a deposit has been sent. Please refer to our seperate Alcohol Policy. If any groups are found to have consumed alcohol on site without agreeing to the Alcohol Policy, then future bookings will not be accepted.


1.10 Animals are not permitted on Oxford SU premises, with the exception of guide/assistance dogs.


1.11 This Policy can be amended by Oxford SU at any time. Any such amendments shall be immediately effective and apply to all bookings.


2. Extra precautions and changes due to COVID-19 – the following points apply to all bookings taking place after 28 January 2022:

a) There is a maximum capacity of 50 people on the ground floor of the SU. This covers both rooms, the social space, and opposite side of the ground floor at any one time. 

b) Windows must be left open.

c) Face coverings must be worn within the building.

d) All students are encouraged to check in with the track and trace app.

e) The above COVID-19 related points remain in place until further notice and are subject to change at any time. Students with any bookings subject to changes will be contacted.