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Oxford University Pole Sports Society is an officially registered university society which aims to promote pole sport throughout Oxford University.

It was founded in 2018 by Robin De Meyere, who has previously run the highly successful Imperial College London Pole & Aerial Society.

"Pole" is an exciting sport which is now on the verge of accreditation by Sports England, and is growing in popularity across the fitness world. Requiring strength, flexibility and awesomeness, pole has frequently been compared to gymnastics as a discipline.

Despite first being taught in the 1990's, pole is in some ways in its infancy, and many new styles of pole are emerging. There's something for everyone: from the sultry super-sexy Russian Exotic style, to balletic and flexible Contemporary style, or dramatic "theatre" performances. And if choreography and dance aren't your thing - you can still explore your own pole personality: will you prefer flips, spins, tricks or power moves?

Check out the website, Facebook & Instagram pages to find out more!