Competitions Officer




"Oxford University Pole Sports Society is an officially registered university society which aims to promote pole sport throughout Oxford University. Pole is an exciting sport which is now on the verge of accreditation by Sport England, and is growing in popularity across the fitness world. This new form of exercise combines the calisthenical strength and stamina of gymnastics with the grace and flexibility of dance and is at times falsely perceived as a purely sensual dance. Despite first being taught in the 1990's, pole is in some ways in its infancy growing as a fitness alternative. Pole sport, art and dance can be tailored to anyone: from the power-trick moves to the sultry Russian Exotic style, to balletic and flexible Contemporary style, or dramatic theatrical performances. Pole is not just for the unfit, the discipline is fantastic for those from a dance or sports background looking to try something new. It may be easy to pick up, but like any sport, it takes years to truly perfect and there's always something new to work on."