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We the people of the United North, in order to form a more passionate, loyal, and welcoming union, to establish domestic tranquillity, and to inspire hope, enthusiasm and ambition in the North, do ordain and establish this Constitution of The Oxford Northerners Society.

Motivations for the Oxford Northerners Society:

  • There is a serious issue concerning regional UK differences at Oxford University based around differences in application rates.
  • In 2016, only 361 Northerners, (considered as those from the regions: North West, North East, and Yorkshire and the Humber) were accepted into Oxford. As 14.9 million people inhabit those same regions in the UK, only 1 in around every 41 thousand Northerners go to Oxford.
  • However, of their Southern counterparts (considered as those from the regions: South East, South West and Greater London), who’s total population is 22.7 million, 1,542 were accepted into Oxford, which is around 1 in every 15 thousand. This implies that a Southerner is almost 3 times as likely to go to Oxford than a Northerner; a disturbing truth.
  • This gap is primarily the result of a shortfall of applications by Northerners. For example, of all those who got grades AAA or better at A-Level in the Southern regions, 42.7% applied to Oxford, whereas all those who achieved the same in the Northern regions, only 22.4% applied.
  • These facts go hand in hand with a general North/South divide that has existed in the UK for eons. Realities such as GDP per capita being 55% higher in southern regions than in northern regions (£33,391 compared to £21,460) are perfect representations of this harsh inequality.
  • Also, with coming to Oxford from the North there is somewhat a feeling of isolation. Many people coming from London/Home County private schools especially will know of each other or have mutual friends, and most people from the South will have heard of other Southerners home towns. To some extent, this creates an implicit social cohesion that is unlikely for those coming from the North, and could be intimidating for those who aren’t involved.


Aims/Purpose of the Society

  • We would welcome all those who identify as Northern; an identification which may come through living/growing up in the North, Northern heritage etc.
  • A primary aim of the society would be to offer a social hub for those who identify as being from northern parts of the UK through connection on social media and social events within colleges. A social community of people from more familiar places with similar accents may offer some comforts in the transition to a Southern city with a large majority of Southerners such as Oxford.
  • The society will offer educational talks to members about innovations/developments in parts of the North, with the intention of inspiring an ambition within some of the greatest young minds to contribute to the cultural, social and economic advancement of the North. Speakers may include MPs from Northern constituencies or journalists and authors based in the North.
  • The society will also offer information and talks to prospective students from the North, hoping to instil them with the confidence to apply to Oxford without apprehension or concern. This could include assisting school trips from Northern schools, being present on open days to talk to Northerners, or having members return to schools from home to give talks. We are confident this will address and help solve the serious rift in application rates.


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