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HUMsoc (Oxford University Hindu Society) hosts social and cultural events with a Hindu and Asian theme for the student population of Oxford.

We have something to offer to everyone regardless of faith and background - from the annual Diwali Ball to the weekly Aarti, from the highly anticipated OxHoli to Bollywood movie nights, HUM is where it is at!

Our events continue to attract a diverse range of students as we aim to share all things Desi with the Oxford community. So whether it be to meet a new group of people, or celebrate your cultural and religious roots, hope to see you at our next event!

We look forward to welcoming you into the HumFam

Hum pyaar x

Your HumSoc Committee:
President - Riya Bhatt
Vice Presidents - Sachin Varma and Srishti Arora
Secretary - Prakrit Prasad
Treasurer - Aditi Agrawal
Religious Coordinator - Anisha Bahl
Events Coordinators - Arunima Shrikhande, Aman More, Kanika Mittal and Varnika Agarwal
Sponsorship Coordinator - Disha Dagli



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