Founded in 1927, the Oxford University Exploration Club has existed to inspire, support, and help to fund student-led expeditions around the world, encouraging respectful exploration which increases our understanding of our planet. We host weekly talks from a variety of incredible people, such as conservationists, filmakers, wildlife photographers, and just general explorers; these showcase the great variety of the types of expeditions that can be acheived, and students can obtain advice from these speakers in order to help build the foundations of their own adventure. We work in partnership with the Oxford Expeditions Council to promote applications to their annual grant programme, which provides funds towards student expeditions to (almost) anywhere on the planet, as well as authorising official Oxford University expeditions. A wide array of grants are also available from alternative sources, and our links with organisations such as the Royal Geographical Soceity, the Scientific Exploration Society, and The Explorer's Club helps students of the University to access a wealth of resources and helps get their ideas of discovery off the ground!