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24th January midnight - 30th April midnight
opp aims to create a space where a comprehensive philosophical community can contribute to methodological & ethical reflection by questioning our field of concern in form & content – through podcasts, blogs, discussions, a journal, & more.
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Submissions: oxford public philosophy – opp journal turn 2
25th January midnight - 18th June midnight
converse around and between any or all of the following sub-themes: African(a) & South Asian philosophies, the value(s) of our education. we invite contributing participants to submit poetry, art, &/or prose. see facebook for submission guidelines.
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"a journal space for critically questioning what philosophy is and how we're doing it, in form and content. How ought we to be doing philosophy? What is ‘public philosophy’ mean? What is the role of a university?’ philosophical inquiry can have a critically influential role on cultural consciousness by articulating often implicit conceptual systems at play, so that we may examine dominant presuppositions and attempt to give expression to our patterns of thought and the rules we actually do and think are justified to make arguments for practice. a new student-produced journal, oxford public philosophy, endeavours to focus this inquiry on the institutionalized philosophical discipline students encounter here: to test its presumptions, effects, responsibilities, and possibilities. embedded in and concerned with the world, the journal strives to cultivate access to public discussion through groups, publishing, online material, and events, transgressing traditional boundaries of form and content, questioning invocations of 'objectivity' and 'universality' as well as the narrow scope of whose voices and issues are valued. what we study is political. who speaks changes the possibilities available to social structures. if philosophers are concerned with the world, which includes their philosophizing, they must examine their own presuppositions and strive to challenge their own horizons. opp aims to create a space where not only students but a more comprehensive philosophical community can contribute to this methodological and ethical –political– philosophical reflection. we conjure turns (think 'issues') of a journal annually centering around thematic questions, alongside podcasts, discussion groups, a series on philosophers for critical consciousness, and a blog – to consider and question the role of philosophy in the world that we help create."