Oxford Investment, Finance, Consulting and Business Group





Vice President

"The Oxford Investment, Finance, Consulting and Business Group is the premier organisation for students interested in these sectors and helps you best prepare for and land roles in these fields. We work with a large number and range of companies including leading investment banks, asset management firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, management consultancies and much more to provide a wide range of opportunities to allow students to get a headstart into these fields. We run company recruitment presentations, workshops, networking events, CV and cover letter clinics, mock interviews and mock assessment centres, as well as office trips and programmes that give you the chance to get real world finance experience throughout the year. We also regularly host panels and workshops on converting Spring Weeks to Summer Internships and host special sessions with career coaches to best prepare you for the interviews. We provide you with all the tools you need to succeed whilst also connecting you with key people to get your foot in the door and like-minded students who are potential future colleagues and business partners. Make the most of everything we have to offer, all for FREE! "