The Oxford Tolkien Society, or Taruithorn (Tolkien's elvish name for Oxford), was founded in 1990 with the purpose of furthering interest and enjoyment of the works of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, C.B.E., all while having fun and food. During term, we meet every Friday, last year online but we hope to provide more face-to-face meetings this year with delicious baked goods. Our meetings take a variety of forms from casual discussions to silly presentations to dramatic readings of our favourite passages or even a game or two. In Michaelmas, you can look forward to our initial Freshers' Moot, Tolkien Tour (TBC) and Gandalf's Firework Party (TBC). Furthermore, we have our society magazine Miruvor. The magazine includes a collection of articles written by society members, both fiction and non-fiction, related to Tolkien to be shared with past and present society members. You can check out back issues from our Mirvor blog webpage linked on our main Taruithorn website. If interested, visit our website, facebook page or contact us on gmail. We hope to see you this Michaelmas!