St Hilda's College Ball 2022: A Midsummers Night Dream


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"We cordially invite you to attend our annual May Ball at St Hilda’s College: A Midsummers Night Dream! Join us for a golden evening in a renovated and rejuvenated St Hilda’s, for our first ball since 2019, with live music, fine dining and entertainment all night long. Hilda’s picturesque scenery offers the opportunity to punt down the radiant River Cherwell, into beautiful and unique riverside grounds. The new riverside pavilion and rooftop access will provide an unbeatable view onto Oxford by sunset, and the setting to a night filled with dreams and wonder that you will never forget. Follow St Hilda's Ball 2022 on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our website for release dates, ticket information and exclusive teasers you won't want to miss."