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"Oxford University Rocketry Society is a society burning with passion for rockets. We welcome everyone who shares our passion, and have a number of envelope pushing projects for you to jump in to: If you’re looking for a start, we have a small rocket project. It involves designing a new rocket around commercial high powered solid fuel motors. There is a lot of opportunity to learn here: aerodynamics, structural integrity, paint job (does red make it go faster?), this is the best way to get started in rocketry for beginners. While these rockets are “small” compared to some others, the results of a properly designed rocket can be truly astounding! More experienced and want a challenge? Try thrust vector control, a key, and complex element in successful commercial rockets. The main thrust of this project is to develop and fly a smaller scale TVC system with solid fuel model rockets. There are many opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills; from software to hardware, and how they play together. Not hard enough? Well, our hybrid project has the lofty goal of designing, building, and launching a hybrid rocket motor that is powerful enough for a high-altitude sounding rocket. The final goal is an altitude of 100 km becoming the becoming the first student group to do so. This project combines the foundations of rocketry, building on knowledge gained in our other projects, and aims to push further, providing many opportunities to study the finer details of jet propulsion and push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether you’re new to all of this and looking for an entry, or are a seasoned veteran and seeking a challenge, join us, jump in and take off! "