"The society was founded back in early 2011 when many members of this society, a group made up of straight-up nerd-ballers, fought and secured Oxford a 3rd in the UK University StarCraft Team League. It had been a long and arduous battle to that 3rd place finish; a struggle against universities fielding pro-gamers and 1-base cheese the likes of which have left few players un-raged. Through this, a bond was formed amongst a group of gamers that was later fostered into the most beautiful Oxonian happening for centuries: the creation of Oxford’s first competitive gaming society. Following a series of correspondences on, the society was officially created and when the 2011-2012 academic year began the OUES showed up in full force. A group of around forty members, both casual players and hardcore competitors, gathered together to conquer the newly formed CSL:EU, troll weekly game nights, dinner outings, and tournament viewings, and pave a path for the legitimisation of eSports in a university system with a notoriously-negative view on video games. Our mission statement is simple: we work to legitimise eSports at Oxford, to better the state of competitive gaming in the UK, and to provide entertainment to the gamers of the UK’s oldest extant university. We’re looking for gamers of all skill levels to join us on our crusade: the most noble of odysseys upon which humanity has embarked. We have weekly game nights for various games, both esports and casual, along with regular viewing parties. We are looking to create a termly social to allow all gamers to come together. Our teams compete nationally in the NUEL and NSE against other universities and we are looking to establish ourselves post-Covid with new and exciting developments such as our annual Varsity event against Cambridge taking place in a live venue for the first time in 3 years. You can join the society here at"