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Vice President

We're Oxford University's Rock Music Society!

All rock music is appreciated here, from pop-punk to death metal, and we don't only listen to rock, we even like Abba.
We interact with a variety of gigs at the Wheatsheaf pub on the High Street and the local rock community.

Membership is £8 for life, allowing you to gain discounts on a variety of events and increase your say in the society.

Our current events are:

  • Weekly pub trips in Oxford
  • BBQs
  • Going to gigs together in Oxford and in London + festivals
  • RockSoc brunches and meals out in Oxford restaurants

Future planned events are:

  • RockSoc Unplugged
    • Very laid back acoustic jam sessions, where once a fortnight we attempt to recreate rock songs that shouldn't really be done acoustically. Musical talent not needed.
  • Metal, movies, and milkshakes
    • A rocking movie will be played in a JCR, with milkshakes being served.
  • RockSoc Goes 8-Bit
    • Find a games console in a JCR and play games like Guitar Hero, with refreshments being served, and with a playlist being played in the background if playing a non-musical game.