University life can be fun and it can be stressful. Take care of yourself and your wellbeing.

Looking out for your wellbeing and health

Studying at Oxford can be a stressful experience at times. On top of the academic requirements, there are the complexities of the collegiate system, and learning to manage adult life away from home often for the first time.

In order for you to get the most out of your studies, have a happy and healthy experience at Oxford, looking out for your wellbeing and health is really important.SU Advice are always here if you need a chat about how to find support. You could contact us to book a Talk-it-Through appointment and we can help you to find the right support. If you would like support and you’re not sure where to start, you could contact Student Advice to find out what your options might be. Students often come to us to talk about feeling lonely or isolated, if they are worried about a friend's wellbeing, missing home, concerns about mental health, academic progress and workload and any topic which is concerning them.


There are also plenty of resources which might help you.

University: Counselling and mental health | University of Oxford

Togetherall: a free support service for Oxford students. To join, register under ""I'm from a university or college"" with your Oxford e-mail address.

Togetherall | A safe community to support your mental health, 24/7

Student Space: Has dedicated support services for students, by phone, email or text: Home | Student Space

The NHS's Every Mind Matters: provides free advice for looking after your mental health. Every Mind Matters - NHS (

You can find details about more specific support on the Student Minds website, under Support Services:

Find support at your university | Student Space

Looking after your mental wellbeing | Student Minds

Feeling lonely | Student Space

Friendships and social life | Student Space

Finding a Peer Supporter | University of Oxford

Support for a friend | Student Minds

Transition into University | Student Minds

Finding a Peer Supporter | University of Oxford

Estranged students | University of Oxford

Changes in student status | University of Oxford

If you are feeling distressed right now and need to talk to someone, you could call the Samaritans, who offer a free 24/7 service: Contact Us | Samaritans

If you need medical advice you can book an emergency appointment with your GP or call NHS 111.

If you need immediate medical help or attention you can call 999 or visit Accident and Emergency (A&E). When to go to A&E - NHS (

Talk to someone – there are lots services available who can offer help. You could visit your GP and let them know how you’re feeling. You could talk to your College welfare team (details are usually in the College handbook or on the College website). Or you could contact the University Counselling Service, who also have a lot of support resources on their page.

Here are some resources for survivors of domestic abuse.

Getting help for domestic violence and abuse - NHS (

Reduce the Risk | Dedicated to the safety of adults and children at risk of domestic abuse (

Refuge Against Domestic Violence - Help for women & children.

Karma Nirvana – Supporting victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage


Book an SU Advice appointment

Student Advice is the only independent advice and information service exclusively available to Oxford University Students. Our advisors are working remotely at the moment due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and are offering advice by email. We will do our best to reply to you within 2 working days. You can call us during term time. Please also check here updates to our service.

Advice on the Phone (term time only)

10.30am-12.30pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in term time.

Call an advisor 07436225637 or 07436225630. We'll have an initial chat with you about what you need.