When are the deadlines to apply for alternative exam arrangements?

The deadline for applying for alternative arrangements is week 4 of the term, before the examination is due to take place. Whether you require extra time or use of a computer, colleges are asked to ensure that applications for students are submitted in good time, with full supporting evidence, so they can be processed promptly. These applications should be made via your college's academic office.

More information about alternative arrangements is available on the Oxford University website or on WebLearn under 'Quick Links/Exams'. Please direct any queries to the exams team at eap@admin.ox.ac.uk 


My exam dates clash with a religious holiday or observances. What do I do?

If you have a clash between exams and specific religious observances, you can apply for adjustments under the Exam Regulations, Part 12.

Applications should be made through your college office as early as possible, so that timetables can be adjusted to avoid the clash. If this is not possible, alternative arrangements will need to be requested, which might include sitting papers at a different time.

You can check your exam entry deadlines and provisional dates by downloading the 'Exam Entry and Provisional Start Dates’ under useful documents on the Examinations Entry page of the Oxford University website.



What do I do if I’m not coping with exams?

Try to speak to your tutor and let him/her know how you are feeling. Go to the doctor if you feel unwell. Your doctor's letter can be submitted to the Exam Board before the exam and may be used as evidence of extenuating circumstances. Exam counselling with an Advisor from Oxford SU's Student Advice can provide support and suggestions to alleviate some of the stress.


My exam is tomorrow. What should I do tonight?

Do not attempt anything new. Revise as normally as possible. Get all the necessary equipment together, and go to bed early.


What happens if I’m ill, or experience a difficulty in my personal life?

If you are experiencing something which is likely to affect or has affected your exam performance, you should speak to your college's admin office. They will help you complete the necessary online forms and you will be asked to provide relevant information and supporting documents, such as a medical certificate. This process needs to be completed as soon as possible, and no later than noon of the day before the final exam board meeting. Your college will advise you of this date.

If you require help with this process, speak to an advisor at the Student Advice who will be able to guide you through the system. 


I feel like I need to withdraw from exams. Is this possible?

There are provisions in the exam regulations that, under certain conditions, allow students to withdraw from exams and re-sit them at a later date. The application process is complicated, and time specific so it may be best to speak to the Student Advice to help you explore the options available to you. 



I don’t think my results are right. What should I do?

If you think your exam results do not match your exam performance you may be able to lodge an appeal. Grounds for making an appeal are listed on our Exam Appeals page

Taking exams and appealing examination decisions is stressful, and you may feel uncertain of how to proceed. If you have concerns or want more information, contact the Student Advice at advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk 


Email Advice


What are Finals Forums?

Oxford SU Finals Forums are designed for students preparing for Finals Honour School examinations. They have run since 1999 with the aim to close gender gaps and build confidence. There are also tailored sessions on:

  • Study skills
  • Exam tips
  • Stress management

Usually, these sessions are held at the end of Hilary term and beginning of Trinity term. (VP Women) for more information.