If your student loan or postgraduate grant doesn’t cover everything, there’s other bursaries and finding available.

What’s accessible through college?

  • Bursaries and loans
  • Hardship grants for students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty
  • Specific purpose grants for equiptment or course related expenses


Are any funds available through the university?

Yes. They are several schemes to look at for funding: 

The Access to Learning Fund is a hardship fund provided by the University for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students. These awards are administered centrally by the University at the Student Fees and Funding. Applications may be made throughout the year and application forms are available from your college office.


I’m a postgraduate. What charities and volunteering organisations offer funding?

For exploring funding opportunities from charities and voluntary organisations, look at the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding. The University has subscribed to the guide, which you can access free of charge by using your email address to register.

The Alternative Guide is published independently by GradFunding, and gives advice about how to apply to funding opportunities from charities and trusts.


I’m worried that I’ve been charged a wrong fee by my college. Who should I contact?

If you feel like you may have been over-charged, get in touch with the Fees Team