Top Tips


How can I save in terms of travel?

  • Walk or ride your bike instead of getting on the bus
  • Buy a travel card to travel within the city
  • Buy coach and train tickets in advance to save money


I’m worried about bills adding up. How do I save money on utilities?

  1. If your living out, check energy suppliers and switch to save money (for example, using YouSwitch 
  2. Consider using a joint account with housemates or a company like Split The Bills  (a National Association of Student Money Advisors rated company)


I’ve heard about student discounts. How do I qualify for these?

  • Consider buying an NUS discount card here 
  • Remember to show your Bod card in Oxford shops, as some give discounts


How do I save money on food?

  • Don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry
  • Take a packed lunch
  • Look out for supermarket deals to help save money
  • Get a supermarket loyalty card and collect points which can be used to offset food costs
  • Buy own brands. They’re often just as good and half the price.
  • Go food shopping in the evening when food is past its sell-buy date and is reduced (don’t confuse this with the use-by-date)
  • Take a list when food shopping and buy only what’s on the list
  • Use Oxford Markets for fruit and veg (Wednesdays: Gloucester Green)
  • Use BigOven  and Supercook  for recipes to use with food you have in the cupboards.


Going out is expensive. Is there any way I can cut costs?

  1. Use to find deals on meals out
  2. Use deals from mobile phones to get cut price tickets on things like events and cinema tickets