What accommodation is available to me?

The University has five sites around the city providing accommodation for student parents (for both undergraduate/mature and graduate parents) and student couples.

Find out if you qualify 


What funding is there to support me?

A Childcare Grant is available to help with childcare costs and the Parents' Learning Allowance to help with your learning costs. You might also be eligible for the Access to Learning Fund, which you can find out more about on the Direct Gov website. You may also be eligible for Child Tax Credits from HM Revenue & Customs 


I have a pre-school child/children. What child care is available?

Once you have accepted an offer of a place to study at Oxford and have a start date, one of your first priorities may be to get your child on the waiting list for a nursery place.

Some colleges (St Anne's, Wolfson, Balliol, St John’s and Somerville) have their own nurseries. They are long waiting lists so the sooner you can do this the better.

The university’s childcare services website contains detailed and up-to date information about University nurseries and independent nurseries, with whom the university co-operates. Fees at the University nurseries are generally lower than average in Oxford, and therefore places are in high demand. For more information on University childcare, please click here 

Of course, other childcare is available (e.g. nannies and childminders). Oxfordshire County Council can advise:


My child is at school, but what if I need childcare before the start or after the end of the school day?

If you require information about childcare services, you can find out more on Oxfordshire County Council webiste here, or here 


Do any holiday play schemes exist?

If you have school aged children, you may need to organise childcare in the school holiday periods. Information on when Oxford City Council school holidays dates can be found


Additional information on holiday play schemes can be found on the Oxford University website here and here 


What if my college or department wants to provide childcare for staff or students outside of working hours?

Contact your college about “pop-up childcare”, and find out more information about these arrangements can be founf on the Oxford University website here 


Where can I apply for help with childcare costs?

You may be able to apply for help towards the cost of childcare. Find out here  and whether you can access discounts on holiday play-schemes here


I’m an international student. How does school work in the UK?

In Britain, children begin school aged 4 or 5 and attend until the age of 18.  In Oxford, state-schools are run by Oxfordshire County Council.

To find a free school place for your child when you arrive, apply to Oxfordshire County Council with a "Transfer application form for in year transfers". Remember you will have to include photocopies of your children's passports and visas, if applicable.

Find a list of schools in the Oxford area in which you live here  and how to transfer between different Oxfordshire schools here  The City Council recommend putting down at least three schools of preference (i.e. those nearest to where you live and work). To find information on Oxford City Council school term dates look here 

All UK state schools and every childcare provider (nursery, nanny or child-minder) must be registered and inspected by OSFSTED. The reports can be found on: W OFSTED 


I’m an international student, and I am concerned that many state primary schools have a Church of England foundation. Does my child have to be Christian to attend?

No, not at all. These schools are open to and attended by children of all faiths or none. The schools respect the faith background of the children who attend. The jargon for these types of schools is "voluntary aided" or "foundation schools". They are however free to attend, and run by the state.


What benefits and funding are available?

Information about benefits can be found here  and content about funding can be found here